1 Secret to Immense Blogging Wealth

I am like a bad cold. Or crab grass.

Every time you turn around, you see me on Vishwajeet’s super blog. You probably wonder, oh wow, this guy again!

You can likely find me on 10, 20 or 30 blogs today from guest posts I placed over the past day, week or month. I have been a busy blogging bee. Life is good. I have fun helping people. Plus guest posting feels super duper easy, like, fish in a barrel easy, for me. Plus I feel cared for, vibing super abundantly as I dig this blogging journey.

1 Secret to Immense Blogging Wealth

I get it though. I finally learned from the most successful bloggers on earth the secret to immense wealth through blogging. I dipped my toes in the past but now I move forward, full bore, being all in.

What is the secret?

Gaining massive exposure by seizing as many opportunities as possible to help people through as many platforms as possible.

The wealthiest bloggers on earth do this beautifully. Everybody else just watches from the sidelines.

Massive Wealth Means Massive Giving Means Massive Exposure

As a rule, all super wealthy bloggers gain massive wealth by giving a massive wealth of helpful information. 7 and 8 figure earners give 7 and 8 figures worth of generous, fun-feeling service for a bit to see money pile up in their bank account. Good things take time though. You likely will not earn 7 figures in a year by placing 10 or 20 guest posts. But those 20 guest posts placed begin giving you exposure across your niche. Multiply by 10 and you have 200 guest posts. Now you are cooking with gas. Massive exposure begins to build.

As this massive exposure begins to build you notice money flowing in through all types of channels. First slow and steadily, then over time, the floodgates begin to open.

Arianna Huffington sold the Huffington Post for over $300 million. How? She built eye-popping, all-encompassing exposure by inviting an army of contributors to write for her blog. She personally invited my wife Kelli to be a contributor years ago. I also contributed on the site too. Imagine opening your blog to thousands upon thousands of quality guest posters. Now imagine how much exposure you gain as these posters write 1 or more articles daily, or even, weekly? Wow. 300 million smackers makes sense now.

Then you have 8 figure bloggers who write 2-3 posts daily for years plus toss in 1-2 guest posts daily. Then you have millionaire icons who do 2000 YouTube interviews. Massive exposure precedes massive wealth. Massive, generous, detached giving precedes massive exposure. I learned from titans. No going back for me. I dipped my toes in for many years, writing a few guest posts here and there, but now it is full speed ahead for me. No more playing around. We are putting the pedal to the blogging medal as I position myself to gain big time exposure while I help armies of awesome bloggers out there with my free content.

How to Give Freely

Keep helping as many bloggers as possible through:

  • guest posting on their blogs
  • opening your blog to guest posting
  • promoting other bloggers on your blog
  • promoting other bloggers through social media
  • commenting genuinely on blogs

and keep being generous and detached, trusting in yourself and in the blogging process, over many months. Massive exposure finds you based on your generosity and detachment but you also need to own the fact that the less you care about getting exposure and the more you care about giving freely of your knowledge, the exposure occurs quite naturally.

Wealth is a simple formality when you become super generous.