How to Reduce Form Abandonment in WordPress

We all are using Forms in our blog and website. It is a great way to communicate with your readers and customers. However, Form abandonment is a serious threat for website owners as it negatively impacts your online business.

You simply don’t know how many visitors have partially filled up the forms and did not submit it. There is no way to track this. In this post, I am going to show you how to reduce form abandonment in WordPress in simple steps.

What is Form Abandonment?

In simple words, Form abandonment is a term where a user begins to fill out a form, but for some reason decides not to finish. They might navigate elsewhere on the site or leave to another site.

How to reduce form abandonment in WordPress in simple steps

1. Capture Partial Entries of your Form

Did you know you can capture your forms partial entries? You might wonder how? Yes, it is possible. If you are using WPForms then you might try out their “Form Abandonment add-on” to collect partial form entries.  WPForms is a great tool to create any type of forms like an Order form, Contact us Form, Conversational forms, and, so on…


WPForms have been used and trusted by millions of online businesses and bloggers to collect crucial data from their customer.  To capture the partial entries form, you have to buy their Form Abandonment add-on and activate it on your existing forms.

For example, if your users enter their name and email address on your order form, and then leave, you can send a follow-up email to them encouraging them to complete the checkout process or any other communications. This is a great way to increase leads as well.

2. Use Retargeting Emails

You know retargeting emails are a personalized way to communicate your users who have abandoned your forms. It is a fantastic way to connect your users and convince them to complete the form.

If you are using order forms to make sales then you can send retargeting emails to remind your customers about their cart abandonment. If you do this precisely and accurately then retargeting emails significantly helps to reduce order form abandonment.

3. Use Exit Intent

If you are using order forms on your website then using Exit Intent is a great way to engage your customers.  Exit Intent is a pop-up message which can be shown on your order form just before when users try to leave your site.

Exit Intent Popups

Using Exit-intent pop-ups you can show some offers like discounts, Coupon codes, or any other offers that might lure your users to complete the purchase. This technology has been used by many businesses online.  To show up Exit Intent pop-ups you can use OptinMonster. This is a great tool to make Exit Intent pop-ups and also help you to create professional-looking lead forms.

4. Keep your Form Short and Easy to Fill

Customers want an easy form of submission. Creating complicated forms can increase the form abandonment on your website.  You can use simple fields on your form that insist your user’s fill-up the form in an easy way. Using too many options on your form can negatively impact your website.

For Example, If you create a simple form that consists of Name, Email, Address, Phone Number, and other necessary details depends on your business requirements. Make sure you didn’t make the entire fields required.  For instance, People don’t like to share their phone numbers. So, making it a required field can increase the form of abandonment. Just make it not required and people who feel free to share their phone numbers can automatically insert it.

5. Professionally designed your form

Using a clutter-free design for your Forms can be lead to more user engagement. Obviously, you can use WPForms to create professionally designed Forms for your website. I personally use them on my blog and it really to show simply to create any type of forms using their drag and drop form builder.

Whether you are a blogger or a small business owner, WPForms have been successfully helped them to build a professionally looking forms.

6. Use HTTPS on your website

Today’s technology-driven world online fraud is a big challenge for businesses and also for the customers. HTTPS plays a great role to build trust. If you are running an online business then make sure your website is using HTTPS.

Because People now loves to interact and fill confident with the sites using HTTPS. Even many web browsers like Chrome, Firefox are blocking and showing a warning message to users who are opening a Non-HTTPS website.

7. Show GDPR Message

Some Countries like the European Union have made it mandatory to use GDPR policy for online business. This law is helpful to protect the privacy of internet users.  If you are targeting Countries in Europe than it is mandatory to show a GDPR compliant message to your Forms.  You can seamlessly be doing it using WPForms.


Form abandonment is a big issue for web masters, Bloggers, and eCommerce businesses. These are some of the proven tips to reduce form abandonment in WordPress. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any more ideas to reduce form abandonment then share it in comments