Blogging Service Buys Happiness

You probably heard the saying; money does not buy happiness.

This is true.

Money is a neutral means of exchange. Having money to buy food, shelter and nice stuff feels good but the feeling does not last.

Blogging Service Buys Happiness

One concept does buy happiness though: blogging service.

Helping people feels really good because helping people emits the emotion of love in all you do service-wise. Why do you think I write so many guest posts? Writing feels fun and easy to me. Plus I gain massive exposure. But the core intent is feeling the happiness and joy of helping my fellow bloggers.

Blogging service buys happiness.

Whether you help people for free or pay you cannot go wrong and will not be unhappy because it feels good to focus on other folk’s needs versus covering your own needs. Humans are funny sometimes, devoting much energy towards their survival and being quite unhappy in the process. Meanwhile, bloggers who help other bloggers and readers learn how service is both prospering and happiness inducing.

Blogging service buys happiness. Plus the more you have fun serving people, the more money you make. This is a win-win scenario guys.

Why Bloggers Succeed

Bloggers succeed because bloggers embody the law of life: success flows to bloggers help who other people succeed. If you help one person succeed, awesome. You succeed according to helping one person. If you help 1,000 people succeed, you succeed by serving 1,000 humans. If you help 1,000,000 succeed, 1 million human’s success flows to you.

Mark Z gave 2 billion humans access to a free platform for connecting the world. He is worth $70 billion USD. Jeff Bezos made it easy for billions of people to get what they want, quickly and easily. He is worth $150 billion USD.

Mark, Jeff and every icon had so much fun helping people and was so happy to help people that they spent much of their lives helping people and gave little thought to money. Both titans lived to serve humans for free, gaining massive exposure, happily being in love with serving humans. Both of these men are among the most powerful, wealthiest men on earth because they had a great time serving people, gained massive exposure, perfected their service and so much money flowed to them that it is never an issue, in either of their lives.

Let Go the Strings of Expectation

So many bloggers write a post expecting to get traffic or profits. As soon as most bloggers publish a post they want to GET something for their work in terms of profits, traffic or clients. Focusing heavily on trying to get money or traffic takes the happiness out of service and guarantees your failure. Plus you never see stunning success when you try to force or rush the getting through your blog.

Mark Z could have cashed in with hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital funding when he was a young guy. He turned down the offer of $100 million or more because he’d need to give up his vision, sole control of the company and likely billions of dollars when the company took off. He had few expectations and was not looking for a quick $100 million dollars so naturally, Facebook became the most iconic and popular site on earth and the rest is history.

Be genuine about blogging. Do you have fun blogging? Then do it for other people. Guest post, open your blog to guest posting and you will all win and be happy in the process.


by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

6 thoughts on “Blogging Service Buys Happiness”

  1. That’s so true Ryan,
    giving to others really feels liberating and empowering. It’s because if you give, it means you have something to give and offer.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    You have been an advocate of generosity for as long as I can remember. And in this article, you provide practical examples of people whose generosity made them the richest in the world. Hence, it also applies to blogging. The more generous you are to other bloggers, the more success you will achieve.

  3. Hi Ryan,
    I love to blog. And yes, I do have fun doing it. Just sharing my experiences knowing that it can help just one person and I’ve done my job. When we share other people’s blog posts, spreading it all over social media and of course giving comments, we are helping a blogger. In doing so we give and ask nothing in return. And that is when things start happening!

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