4 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Focus

Busy bee, today.

I am a busy blogging bee every day but have a few offline things I need to attend to in a few hours. Knowing this, being focused on my blogging tasks is as important as ever. I care not to be up at 4 AM tomorrow, just to get my blogging work done for today.

Improving your blogging focus expands your success but also allows you to have fun, freeing life offline. Who wants to work 18 hour blogging days? Professional blogging should be a life of fun and freedom, not fear and bondage.

Follow these 4 tips to improve your blogging focus.

1: Meditate

I spend 40 minutes meditating daily. 30 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, meditating expands my awareness, heightens my focus and improves my powers of concentration. Begin with 5 minutes daily. Concentrate on the breath flowing in and out of your nose. Note thoughts wandering and the sensations of feelings. Gently but firmly move your focus back to your breath. Continue this practice daily. Slowly, steadily and patiently add minutes to sessions every few weeks. Meditating creates a laser-like focus but only if you spend months to years doing this every single day.

2: Turn Off Your Phone

Turn off your phone for extended hours daily. I rarely get minutes for my phone; my wife usually purchases, to get in touch with me when I leave the house, for some stretches. Other than that, I have no interest in being online or even reachable once I leave the house because distractions move my focus from what matters, to, what does not matter….unless it is my wife or dad 🙂 

I am not a doctor, nurse or in some emergency services profession. Knowing this, since my business is not a life or death scenario, I turn off my phone for all blogging-working hours. Shut it off, unless you generate big business through phone calls and texts. Otherwise, save a little social media chatting, phones distract you, divide your focus and disrupt your blogging campaign.

3: Shut the Door and Throw Away the Key

Shut your home office door and throw away the key. Minus a few breaks throughout the day, stay in the office, get your blogging work done, and improve your focus in the process. Allow silence to sharpen your powers of concentration. The outside world intends to distract you at any given time but closing the door to get to work instantly removes that world. Tell family you need to get work done then get to work to get your blogging work done.

Be firm in enforcing this rule, for yourself and your family. Make work time, work time, or else spouses and kids try to pull your focus in 101 directions. Treat blogging like a serious business. Imagine your home office being a corporate office. Improve your focus.

4: Do One Thing at a Time

I give all of my attention and energy to writing this 600 word blog post so I can write the blog post in 14 minutes. Re-read. 14 minutes. Do you see the power of blogging focus – and some serious writing practice – in action? Give your attention and energy to one thing to sharpen your focus.  Multi-tasking is a myth because dividing your energies divides your focus, which divides your attention and energy, which dissolves your effectiveness, which saps your power. 

Do one thing. Complete the blogging task. Improve your focus and blog more effectively, too.


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