8 Things You Should Ignore While Link Building

We always look for quality backlinks to improve our website search engine visibility. But following black hat link building techniques may damage your website. It leads you to destroy your online business presence and your efforts you attempt for the website.

8 things you should ignore while link building

While building link folks make mistakes and they end up with low quality and spammy links that are not beneficial as Google has updated the Penguin algorithm to punish such websites that have spammy backlink Profile.

A best link building strategy helps you to drive lots of traffic and convert them into conversion and revenue as well as strengthens your keywords positions into Google SERP.

Link building refers to inbound links that are placed on other niches relevant and high traffic websites to gain traffic resources.

Backlinks can be built into do-follow or no-follow attributes. Do follow attributes are considered the best one to pass the link juice and increase the trust for a particular webpage.

Google always prioritizes the do-follow link attributes while crawling a website.

What are the backlinks?

The backlinks are the inbound links that are pointing your website links on other domain names. Generating quality backlinks is a reliable off-page SEO Optimization method to improve the website he was drinking as well as popularity.

Avoid these further mistakes while hunting for backlinks.         

1. Remove Toxic Links

There are plenty of Toxic low-quality links pointing to your website and they are affecting your website negatively. Why don’t you make a list and get them to disavow by using the disavow tool?

Do you know about Google Penguin update?

This Penguin update was launched in 2012 and this algorithm is responsible to punish the websites linked to spammy sites.

This is not only a single update Google, always launch new unconfirmed updates to straighten the performance of websites and provides better search results.

Google algorithms updates objective is to observe the behavior of websites in terms of backlink content readers shares and so on.

If your backlink profile contains toxics links then you should disavow them immediately to protect your website forever.

2. Do Not Build Irrelevant backlinks

Sometimes creating backlinks, bloggers forget to check the website niche relevance. If you are making the same mistakes as those bloggers then you should understand clearly you will not be get benefited from this strategy.

If you have a sports blog and you are getting backlinks from a digital marketing blog. It is completely bad SEO.

You can find relevance through the categories available on the dashboard or employing premium tools.

3. Manage Your Link Velocity

Google hats high Link velocity. If you are creating backlinks quickly (for example, 500 links in a single day) then you should low the counting of backlinks even if you are building natural and valuable inbound links even then this time you should avoid fast backlinks creation.

You can understand these metrics more – see your traffic and content available on the website. According to the visitors you are getting, the backlinks profile should be equal to the traffic parameters.

As your traffic increases, your link profile also boosts – this is the best way to getting backlinks.

High link velocity may harm your website ranking.

4. Improve the High Authority backlinks

Being an SEO analyst you always want to improve the website authority like page authority and domain authority. But many SEO guys make mistakes that they start creating backlinks in bulk. They do not pay attention to the website performance on which they are creating backlinks.

Google will not consider all those inbound links you are making rather Google algorithms may penalize your website due to low-quality backlinks.

If you want to improve domain authority of website then you have to build quality backlinks on high authority niche based websites. You should avoid bulk backlink strategy.

If you follow this strategy for a while then it does not affect the SEO but in case you create too many backlinks without paying attention to authority and other parameters then ready to pay the cost.

5. Thin Content

Honestly, you cannot make fool Google and its algorithms by publishing low quality ok copied content. Experts always struggle to create high-quality content to rank keywords in the search engines.

Search engine crawlers see your website when people engage with your content, they share your content and the comment on content. If you are not producing engaging content, your readers will not stay long last on the site, and Google will also notice this activity that is not beneficial at all.

As an SEO expert, it is your responsibility that you have to let your readers enjoy your content. Always come up with great blog post ideas.

6. Stop Link Exchanging

If you are exchanging your links on alternate domain names then you need to know that this strategy doesn’t work anymore.

Google doesn’t love bought backlinks and spiders will detect this thing on your website.

Here I am telling you about bought-link and PBN networks. These methods are used to get faster keywords ranking but in the era of 2020, this methodology will not be advantageous.

Online service providers have been offering bulk backlinks as well as there are plenty of tools that can provide thousands of backlinks within a minute. I do not recommend them. If you want to protect your website then you should avoid them.

7. Don’t use emails to create backlinks

You think the more emails you will send the more backlinks you will get through email marketing. This is a bad myth among digital marketers and bloggers.

Email marketing strategy is used to make a relationship between the senders and receivers. Emails can be used to deliver information. Incorporate emails are the man path of communication between the people and teams.

Google doesn’t consider backlinks your website links mentioned in the emails. Craft healthy email formats targeting information.

8. Stop Reciprocal

This reciprocal link is related to the link exchange strategy. When you visit on the classified and bookmarking sites they always offer you links exchange. At the beginning of search engines link exchange was implemented to improve the keyword ranking but after the year 2010, Google has changed its policies and ranking factors. If you are still doing the same then just stop.


You are running a website for the business purpose for money making purpose for long. People who run websites online for a long time never make mistakes. If you are a beginner level then you should start learning SEO as well as Google ranking algorithms behavior.

If you have any question then you can ask in the comment box.

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