Blogging Short Cuts Never Exist No Matter How Often You Ask About Hacks

For the 101st time it seems, someone asked me how to get blog traffic quickly. Make that, the 1,001st time LOL. Bloggers ask me for short cuts again, and again, and again. But no matter how frequently you asked for short cuts, secret hacks and other means of getting blog traffic fast, these quick fixes do not exist. Perhaps you ask another 10 bloggers. But no one gives you the answer you want. Sigh 😉 But maybe someone offers you fool’s gold after you ask for a short cut for the 100th time, said blogger being desperate, greedy and hungry to fool you into buying something from them. Fools, morons and complete charlatans offer false advice only. Reputable, genuine bloggers offer true, sound, proven blogging advice.

I gotta tell ya; it feels good, quite fun and peace-inducing to be able to sleep well at night because I tell bloggers the truth about what it takes to succeed online. People ask me questions on Quora and through other sites on the regular about short cuts, quick fixes and other ridiculous hacks for succeeding online. I offer the same advice again and again; spend thousands of hours generously creating and connecting. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Success will find you eventually but no time machine or other wizardry allows you to fast forward thousands of hours. No hack exists to help you skip the thousands of hours. Good old fashioned, honest, persistent, patient, generous service is the answer to every blogging question you ask, in terms of how to succeed with your blog.

Does it matter if you ask 10 times for a short cut to blogging success? Nope. No matter how often you ask for the one hack to succeed your persistence in asking the question does not change the truth; bloggers who succeed just stick to the basics for thousands of hours. Everybody else fails and quits. Do not allow your fear masked as greed or desperation to goad you to ask foolish questions about blogging short cuts because the questions do not change the truth of what it takes; good old fashioned generous service, masked as hard work. Trust any blogger who tells you short cuts never exist and do not trust any blogger who offers alleged short cuts to successful blogging. Do you know where short cuts lead you? Expect to land directly, smack dab in the middle of blogging failure any time you take a blogging short cut because no hack or quick fix creates meaningful, lasting, genuine, ever-expanding blogging success. Short cuts lead to struggles, failures and quitting most of the time. Sometimes, shortcuts lead to temporary, fleeting blogging success followed by prolonged struggle, failure and quitting, because trying to take blogging short cuts is like building your blogging home on a foundation of quicksand.

Work generously, patiently and persistently to succeed online. No hack exists to becoming a successful blogger. Put in the time. Be patient. Be persistent. Be generous. Pay your blogging dues. All successful, established pro bloggers paid their blogging dues for years and thousands of hours, to position themselves to succeed. Nobody has access to a time machine. Nobody can fast forward through thousands of hours of work. Either you put in the generous work and succeed, or you ask for short cuts, take the short cuts, and fail. Your choice. Know that no matter how often you seek out advice on how to take a blogging short cut, you will never uncover an answer leading to blogging success.


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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Short Cuts Never Exist No Matter How Often You Ask About Hacks”

  1. Ryan, I really like how you explain things. Especially I can relate to how you describe the right mindset to succeed with blogging, or with online businesses in general.

    “Nobody has access to a time machine. Nobody can fast forward through thousands of hours of work.” This is such a good quote!

    Best, James

  2. You’re so right, Ryan. There is no shortcut to blogging. There only concept one can translate as shortcut is to learn from the experts, either through their courses or get them to hold you by the hand. And with the right mindset, one can conveniently invest in his blogging career. The investment can also be translated as a shortcut because it helps you cut the learning curve if you were to do it all alone.
    Thanks for sharing this informative material.


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