Do You Blog the Easy Way or Hard Way?

I scanned Vishwajeet’s awesome blog a few moments ago.

I could read and post and write a genuine comment. Or I could spend an extra 15 minutes writing an entire guest post for me, you and Vishwajeet. What is the easy way to blog? Writing the guest post, of course. I get to reach a big, loyal, targeted community but most of all, I get to help a good friend. Plus I gain traffic and position myself to gain more eBook sales, too. Of course, reading a post and publishing a genuine comment would be an easy-type way to blog but I make a far greater impact and do my bro a bigger solid by writing an entire guest post, so this is the easiest way to blog, now.


What is the blogging hard way? Spamming 5,000 comments daily on various blogs. Why is this hard? Well, it APPEARS to be easy because anybody can spam blogs with comments but 100% of the time, those seemingly easy actions lead to failure and quitting. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time, you will fail long term, spamming people. Sounds pretty darn hard, right? Spending months and years blogging, to see 0 blogging profits, doing stupid spamming, is about the hardest way to blog.

Easy Versus Hard

Blogging the easy way gets super uncomfortable sometimes because you need to face fears but long term, blogging gets easier and easier if you learn blogging from pros, create helpful content, build strong friendships by being generous and monetize through multiple streams.

Blogging the hard way ***appears*** to be easy because it is a comfortable way to blog but it leads to failure and quitting 100% of the time, getting more and more difficult, leading to worse failure….forever. Blogging the hard way includes activities like spamming, scamming, solely promoting products and services without creating valued free content, and various other low energy, fear-driven tactics. Of course, most bloggers choose the hard way because the hard way appears to be easy and appeals to lazy, desperate or greedy bloggers, all of whom fail terribly over the long haul.

How do you blog? Do you blog the easy way or hard way?

In my eBook:

My 10 Worst Blogging Mistakes

I begin the read with a real bang by detailing my big-time mistake in chapter 1: picking the wrong intent. Bloggers blog mainly to make money, fear drives them and these bloggers make the huge mistake of taking the hard, seemingly easy path to spamming, trying to get something for nothing, and failing.

Meanwhile, bloggers who blog their passion and see money like an extra or bonus make huge inroads, taking the easy path that sometimes gets uncomfortable aka scary, but the path of generously creating and connecting, the always successful path. Easy blogging may be scary sometimes because you need to face fears but easy blogging always brings you toward your goals. As an added benefit, easy blogging becomes easier and easier if you keep facing fears because all of your generous creating and connecting puts you everywhere, adding a passive element to your blogging campaign.

I get to submit this post for review and go to sleep here in NYC-NJ. While I’m in bed, Vishwajeet publishes the guest post, allowing me to drive passive traffic while I sleep. Easy peasy. But of course, I had to face a bunch of fears as I created and connected my way to landing guest post spots left and right, meaning I took an easy path but sometimes uncomfortable, scary path, on this blogging journey.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. After reading your article, I am ready to choose the easy way and start giving valuable content to my community also, always love to consume your content, thanks for sharing this stuff.

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