1 Obvious Idea Struggling Bloggers Never Seem to Get

I scrolled down a Facebook Group recently.

One struggling blogger became so fed up, he just wanted to quit.

Another struggling blogger told him to see the journey through, offering how he made no money and had little traffic, and how he too wanted to succeed, but ultimately, to just keep trying.

I observed both responses and responded with my experienced, pro-blogger advice.

1 Obvious Idea Struggling Bloggers Never Seem to Get

One of the struggling bloggers responded by saying I should check out his blog, inferring it was worth checking out as a trusted, valuable resource. Why? To learn how to fail? 😉 In all seriousness, I did check it out and he did a few things well but also made many big mistakes, which is why he struggles and fails. If he was open to feedback he would be more successful. But when I offered my experienced, honest feedback on his blog – which he told me to check out – he became defensive. Of course, I let it go.

His ego blind spot is consistent with one struggling blogger obvious idea that failing bloggers literally cannot see: if you are struggling, what you are doing *is not working.*

He defended one thing I suggested he change. That element of his blog *is not working*, plus an experienced, skilled, successful blogger told him it is not working. But he believes it is working, even though he struggles terribly and can be spotted on blogging ad click and page view threads for years, by now.

Some of what he is doing works but MOST is not working.

If you are struggling with your blog, 100% of the time, most if not all of what you are doing is not working. So…..admit this, and stop doing what is not working!

Every Successful Blogger Struggles at First But Admits Mistakes and Listens to Pros

Humble yourself.

Every successful blogger struggles as a newbie. But these folks realize they have no idea what they are doing, admit their struggles occur because what they are doing is not working, then listen to top pro blogger advice to learn what works, to put this advice into action, and to see increasing success.

Be humble. If you cannot seem to make any money through your blog, you and your blogging strategy are the reason why you make no money. Change your energy. Change your strategy. Do not be a fool by defending your failing, struggling strategy. Do not allow your fear and ego blind you to your struggling, failing strategy. What you are doing IS NOT WORKING. Stop doing it. Learn what works, from top pro bloggers. Do what works. Succeed.

Struggle Is in Your Energy and Strategy

The blogger I spoke to emits a poverty conscious, fear-filled energy blinding his to fun, freeing, successful blogging advice. He would rather defend his struggle and failure to keep failing than admit his failure and learn how to succeed from a pro. Do you see how fear makes you do stupid stuff?

Admit your struggles. Then, admit your energy and blogging strategy are the only 2 causes of your struggle. Then, feel your fears and clear ’em so you vibe from love, abundance, generosity and peace. Then, listen to pro blogger advice. Follow simple creating and connecting advice from an abundant, relaxed vibe. Guaranteed you will become more and more successful plus you will have oodles of fun in the process.

We all want you to succeed. Own your failure. Learn from pros. Do what works. Prosper and have fun!

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “1 Obvious Idea Struggling Bloggers Never Seem to Get”

  1. Great tips Ryan,
    I think certain strategies require more time to work and giving up too soon would be a dire mistake, but you’re right about folks not wanting to change.
    People, (and bloggers are people) often fixate on one idea, their idea, and get very offended when you suggest it’ bad.
    How could it be bad, when it’s THEIRS?
    Anyway, change is key, change is good, and the only constancy in life should be moving forward, learning as you go and succeeding in the process.

  2. HI Ryan,

    Bloggers often get in their own way, not willing to take advantage of other people’s experiences and guidance.
    Trying to do it all yourself, and trusting your own home-grown strategies even when they are failing, will keep any blogger struggling endlessly… until they see the light and change their course.
    Good suggestions, here, from a blogging pro.

  3. Hi Ryan
    The feeling of struggle brings even more struggle.
    We always should look at what we have already accomplished and also be open to changes.
    Being flexible is always good.
    Blogging can also be fun.
    Great post and suggestions.
    Thank you

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