Did You Know Connecting with Top Pros Is a Skill?

Befriending top pro bloggers is a serious skill. 

Try sending a spammy message to a big dawg blogger. See how far that gets ya.

I regularly get emailed cold pitches from bloggers who do not know how to connect with top pros. Point blank, unless you build a genuine friendship with top pros by being generous, relaxed, and detached about it all, virtually 100% of your emails get ignored or get labeled as spam. Pro bloggers are busy bloggers. Imagine having your blogging day scheduled to the second. Then, imagine thousands of bloggers desperately trying to get your attention by squeezing something out of you, in a silly exchange.

Did You Know Connecting with Top Pros Is a Skill

For example, some believe that exchanging links with me seems like a fair trade in terms of value. But I drive serious traffic and built huge backlinks over 6 years of effort. Unknown bloggers with little traffic and no strong links believe trading links with me makes for a smart, fair trade. Nope. Connecting with top pros is a skill. You need to cyber wine and dine top pros by helping them, by asking for nothing and by allowing bonds to form organically, in time. No rushing. No hurrying. No desperation. No manipulating, forcing, straining, and striving. Prove you are 100% interested in the influential blogger and not at all interested in what they can do for you.

Unfortunately, many bloggers who reach out to me want me to do something for them. Bloggers want traffic and profits by placing guest posts, links, and even interviews on my blog. Hmmmm….what do I get in return, for the valuable online real estate I patiently built up over 6 years? Unless you are famous, pay for advertising, or generously build a friendship with me by helping me and asking for nothing in return, you will never appear on my blog.

The Skill

Connect with top pros by developing the skill of being generous, patient, and detached. Ask for NOTHING from a pro blogger. Give, give, and give some more. Promote the pros. Endorse the pros. Buy their eBooks. Buy their courses. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Be patient. Follow these generous steps for weeks, then months. Yep, in some cases, years pass before bonds form organically. But this time is well spent because you gain the sugary sweet benefits of having blogging buddies in high places. 

Top pros boost your traffic and profits by endorsing you and promoting you. Plus, you learn how to be even more successful from these blogging icons. Win-win scenario.  But developing the skill requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to put other blogger’s needs over your own, to better serve these folks and to bond with the big dawgs of the blogging world. See the journey through. Putting in effort and time is worth it, in the long run.

Stop spamming pro bloggers mindlessly. Stop offering lowball pitches for their premium services. Help them. Buy their stuff. Endorse them. Ask for nothing in return because you need to prove you are interested in them, NOT in what pro-bloggers can do for you. Pay your networking dues. All pros had to pay their dues before moving higher in blogging circles. Pay your blogging tuition, your entrance fee into the pro blogger club.

Hone this skill to make the blogging world your oyster.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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  1. Valid point Ryan, colatobarting with the pros is a skill and a blogger should focus on the learnings and observe how pros are working. Keep inspiring

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