How Can You Compete Versus Big Blogs?

Why do you even bother competing? We live in a universe of abundance. No shortage of anything exists except if there is a shortage in your own mind. Fear causes this. The fear of loss or the fear of going against another blogger instills the idea of competition in your mind. But like fear, competition does not exist. Do not buy into it. Do not believe it. Do not be crippled by this concept.

 You do not need to compete with big blogs because co-creating with individual bloggers gives you all the success you could ever want. Stop trying to go against anybody. Blog for and with other bloggers to become successful. Big blogs have their own audiences. You have your own audience. Some readers may follow both blogs But ultimately, co-creating with like-minded bloggers should be your number one goal. Do not bother with anybody outside of your niche and do not worry about established bloggers or corporate bloggers. Why go against anyone in a universe of abundance? Co-create. Do not compete. By co-creating with other bloggers you accelerate your success and help blogging buddies. By trying to go against other bloggers you make your life more difficult.

No Competition

 Competition is fear. Fear is an illusion. Do not believe in something that is not even real. Fearing illusion wastes your time. You do not need to compete versus big blogs and the cool part is, the more you co-create with individual bloggers, you can actually begin to pop up on the radar screen of any blogger on earth, based on your heady metrics. After reviewing my backlink profile I realized I had one-tenth the number of backlinks of one of the most famous sites in the world in the financial niche. Of course, I do not blog in that niche but registering that many backlinks compared to a world-famous site for a little old blogger like me is quite impressive. 

How? You! Readers, bloggers and all the folks who co-created success for me made all the difference in the world. I appreciate you. We co-create to benefit one another. I go against no one because I work with everybody who vibes with my delivery. This is the secret to being successful in blogging and life. Forget competition. Work with and for other people. Rise above the competition to the creative plane.

 New bloggers talk themselves out of blogging because they fear competition from established bloggers. Take off the invisible handcuffs. Never go against someone when you could work with or for them. I publish genuine comments on top blogs in my niche to work with and for fellow bloggers. Why go against someone when you can make them your friend? Making top bloggers your friend simply accelerates your success and accelerates their success too. Both parties win. We could all help each other to become more successful but only if we stop trying to go against one another.

 Blog with love not with fear. Blogging from an energy of Harmony helps you rise above a confining, competitive plane toward the creative plane of blogging success. No shortage exists. Especially when you blog in harmony versus out of harmony.

 Spend your day promoting other bloggers on social media, promoting bloggers on your blog, promoting bloggers through guest posts and commenting genuinely on blogs in your niche. In no time, success will find you as you grow your blog and community through these simple, generous actions. Blogging does not need to be difficult as long as you co-create and stop competing with other bloggers.

Surround yourself only with creators and networkers, not competitors. Some bloggers get in your head by trying to introduce the fear of competition into your mind. Kick these bloggers out of your head and out of your experience. Only network with generous people who co-create. Feed off of their vibes to become successful and to follow their generous, co-creating lead. 


 As always, you know I had to write and self publish an eBook to help you in this regard. Now that you have released the idea of competing versus big blogs, how do you befriend big-name bloggers?  Being generous is a starting point. After reading this post, comment below. Make friends with fellow bloggers. Tap the retweet button. Tap the Facebook share button. Help bloggers and ask for nothing. This is the starting point to creating success for everybody.

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